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Church’s policy to protect privacy and keep information confidential

We want to obey the law and rules regarding privacy and do our very best to protect confidential and personal information as a church ( Hakata New Life belongs to Japan Assemblies of God)


● Collecting personal information

We as a church sometimes collect personal information for the following reasons;

  • To respond to inquiries or questions about our church.

  • When people come to church for events and ask us about it.

  • When people check the homepage and get information through the Internet cookies.

*Cookies do not include information which specify personal names or email addresses. If you prefer not to have any information collected through Internet cookies, you can change the settings by using the user’s browser. 


● The reasons for getting personal information

We as a church will use any personal information for the following purposes:

  • To inform people about events and other information.

  • To answer questions

  • To provide information about church events  

  • To figure out the access to our homepage.


● Prohibiting personal information being passed on to a third party

 We as church keep personal information in an appropriate way and won’t pass it to a third party except under the following conditions: 

  • when the person agrees to pass it on to a third party

  • when we are asked by the public sector, including the police, to share the personal information.

  • when we think it is necessary to share it for legal reasons 


● Opening or collecting personal information

We as a church respond to anyone when we are asked to share or correct the information. Also, when we are asked to delete the information by someone. 

● Protecting the rights of publicity

  • Our church service is shown on the net( live ). If you prefer not to be seen, please sit on the right side of the sanctuary on the third floor.   

  • We sometimes put photos or movie clips of events on the homepage or SNS. If you prefer not to be in these, please talk to the church staff. 

  • If you want us to delete part of a movie or photo which has been shown, please talk to the church staff. With the agreement with the respective person / people, we will delete what is requested. 


プライバシー ポリシー

日本アッセブリー教団 博多ニューライフ教会では、個人情報に関する法令及びその他の規範を遵守し、個人情報の保護に万全を尽くします。




  • 当教会へのお問い合わせ等

  • 礼拝等の集会、その他当教会主催のイベント参加時

  • ホームページ閲覧時の*クッキーによるアクセス情報の収集





  • お問い合わせされた方や礼拝等の集会、イベントに参加希望の方へのご連絡

  • お問い合わせの回答

  • 当教会主催イベント開催等の情報提供

  • ホームページのアクセス解析




  • ご本人の同意がある場合

  • 警察からの要請など官公庁からの要請の場合

  • 法令に基づき開示することが必要である場合



当教会は、ご本人からの自己情報の開示、訂正、削除等の求めがあった場合、 ご本人確認の上、それに対応致します。



  • 当教会の礼拝は、ライブ配信されており、アーカイブ(過去動画)は、ネット上に公開されております。礼拝に参加される方で、不都合がお有りの方は、礼拝堂に入られて、中央より右側後方のお席をご利用下さい。

  • 礼拝や教会イベントでの写真、動画は、ホームページやSNSで公開される場合があります。不都合がお有りの方は、教会スタッフにお伝え下さい。

  • 公開済みの動画、写真の削除を希望される場合、教会スタッフにご連絡下さい。ご本人確認の上、それに対応致します。


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